Entry #1


2015-09-23 10:39:13 by ethanboi1

Welcome to this sucky artist page! i have just started to draw on a graphics pad... its REALLY difficult. Here is some amazing facts about me... im ethan im a boy and i am not 1 im 14. I SUCK AT GRAPHICS. Thanks for coming here!


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2015-09-23 12:08:20

I am sure that you will get better soon if you practice hard and get a place in the Art Portal.

ethanboi1 responds:

Thanks man!


2015-09-23 21:23:52

Thanks for the request,sir!And remember this,'If you believe,you're halfway there.'-Theodore Roosevelt


2015-09-24 14:16:26

nice ethan, welcome to Newgrounds! yeha what mchectorll said, practice does make perfect and the more you go for it, you'll get even better at drawing

ethanboi1 responds:

Thank you once again!


2015-10-02 22:37:32

How are you?